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Stopzilla review

Stopzilla is a very useful antimalware anti-adware and antispyware tool which will help to keep a computer system in pristine condition. The tool helps to prevent infection from these types of unwanted malicious software types before they can even happen with real time detection services. Trojans and various types of software that are designed to open up your computer vulnerabilities are also targeted and stopped at the source before they can even be attacked. Stopzilla makes use of several great features and tools to protect your computer from being vulnerable.

Another great feature of Stopzilla is the fact that it provides a state of the art popup blocker which prevents unwanted advertisements from sneaking up on your computer system. The popup blocker prevents advertisements from the websites you are visiting as well as those from adware from ever showing up on your computer with the advanced system of popup blocking.

You get phishing protection as well which is designed to prevent you from getting tricked into putting your account information for credit cards, email, and other personal information on websites which are mimicking the true websites just to steal your information. Your personal and private information, browsing habits and passwords are not for others to see, so ensure that Stopzilla puts a stop to spyware from accessing these types of information.

Rootkit removal is also an important tool offered through Stopzilla. Rootkits are designed to enter your system through vulnerability and attach themselves to your computer processes allowing a hacker or intruder access to your computer. These rootkits are often used to turn your computer into a zombie and send spyware, advertisements and more to other computers via the internet. Stopzilla has the technology available to find and remove all rootkit malware on your computer system quickly and easily.

Siteguard Spyware prevention is also a tool that is provided with Stopzilla which makes it possible to block all known spyware and malware sites that distribute harmful software. This tool can also prevent you from stumbling onto websites that contain exploits, phising attacks and various other types of malware which may compromise your computer system.

The Stopzilla software makes it possible to really get a complete solution to spyware, malware and adware protection without having to spend large amounts of money on a registration such as other well known companies do, even if they do not offer the same amount of protection as Stopzilla!

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