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Spyware Doctor + AntiVirus
Publisher: PC Tools Ltd
Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor is an easy to use antispyware, malware and adware removal tool that will keep your PC clean and worry free. The software is designed to have a minimal impact on your computer and will run even when things may seem at their worst. Ensure that you have access to such a powerful tool that is designed to completely diagnose, clean and cure your PC ailments with Spyware Doctor.

Protection services help to prevent the continuous threats that cause your computer to be vulnerable to the spyware and malware that are common on the internet. Alongside the usual removal processes offered by well known brands of spyware removal, Spyware Doctor offers:

Memory Scanning - The ability to scan the active processes and information in your computer memory is possible. This way Spyware Doctor can remove the silently running software that may be preventing you from fully removing spyware and various other types of malware. Spyware Doctor makes it possible to detect even the least obvious spyware components to completely remove them from your system.

Behavior Profiling - You can have Spyware Doctor monitor your computer to detect suspicious behavior with spyware and other forms of malware that may not have even been catalogued in the definitions yet. You could catch them in real time and remove them before they become a major threat through behavior profiling. This makes it possible to detect spyware based on the behaviors that they exhibit on your computer.

Protection Report Cards - Report cards that tell you about how your system health looks is a great tool to keep your computer in prime condition. The report card also provides information about when your last updates were for your computer, how long you have gone without a virus scan and various other important information bits which could help to keep your computer in the best health possible. Prevention is the important key to keeping your computer system clean and in optimal working order.

You get a 100 percent guarantee that Spyware doctor will cure the ailments of your computer due to spyware, adware and other types of malware that are on your computer as well as future attacks with the latest updates for the service. You get free support that is useful to help whenever there is a problem with Spyware Doctor so that you can get your computer up and running in no time.

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