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Publisher: IS3 Inc

Stopzilla is a very useful antimalware anti-adware and antispyware tool which will help to keep a computer system in pristine condition. The tool helps to prevent infection from these types of unwanted malicious software types before they can even happen with real time detection services. Trojans and various types of software that are designed to open up your computer vulnerabilities are also targeted and stopped at the source before they can even be attacked. Stopzilla makes use of several great features and tools to protect your computer from being vulnerable.

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XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware
Publisher: ParetoLogic

XoftSpySE is a revolutionary tool that helps you to stop malicious software in the form of spyware, adware and other malware types right in their tracks. If they are already on your system, XoftSpySE could easily run a special search that will detect and remove all traces of the spyware from your computer. The abilities of the software to perform these computer cleansing services helps to improve efficiency and speed in your system and reduces the strain of unnecessary memory usage.

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Spyware Doctor + AntiVirus
Publisher: PC Tools Ltd

Spyware Doctor was retired in early 2013. It was an easy to use antispyware, malware and adware removal tool that kept users' PCs clean and worry free. The software was designed to have a minimal impact on your computer and would run even when things may have seemed at their worst. Spyware Doctor gave computer users access to a powerful tool that was designed to completely diagnose, clean and cure your PC ailments.

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